Thank you Easter Bunny!

It is Thanksgiving week, so in the spirit of my all time favorite holiday and the tradition that is never quite as moving as it is on television, I bring you:


1. A rekindled love affair with typography
2. Time away from work
3. Jumping into the abyss
4. ...,staat and everything that is superdeluxe and wow
5. The eye of the tiger
6. Jewish girls from Brooklyn who teach English to rock stars and wear yellow boots
7. Guitar Hero
8. John coming for a visit and making Tom so happy
9. 80's Trivial Pursuit in the Old Man Bar
10. The shisha collecting dust in the closet
11. Heart-to-heart talks on the roof terrace
12. Eagles of Death Metal
13. "Sound of Music" on Christmas night
14. Rome
15. Obama!
16. "This American Life" explaining the US financial crisis in terms I can understand
17. Everyone I love is still here
18. Nights of good sleep
19. The smell of Tom's hair when he wakes up in the morning
20. A Spanish dog named Rabito
21. Amsterdam Fashion Week
22. Nieces, nephews and the children I love
23. Snow in November, sunshine in May
24. Lowlands
25. Hearing someone call my name while I am riding down the street
26. Art, design, creativity, opportunity, laughter and lessons learned
27. Everyone who reads Travelcheese. Thank you.

28. And more than anything, I am thankful for the man who smiles when he sees me, rides the waves of my emotions and brings me peace.


Sinterklaas arrives!

Sinterklass and many zwart piets arrived in Amsterdam today, so Tom and I dragged ourselves into the center to watch the parade, feeling a bit worse for wear after going out last night with my new coworkers. Tequilla is still be worst boyfriend ever -- sweet and fun at first and pure manipulative evil after a date or two (or five).

Enjoy the photos. I know it is shocking to see blackface, but I have to say, there was so much joy and rare Dutch smiles everywhere today. This tradition may be unPC, but comes from a place of goodness, so don't judge too harshly please.

Zwart piets doing aeriel tricks while hanging off the walls of the V&D department store along the parade route.


Yea! Yea! Yea!

We woke up at 6am, just in time to watch Obama make his acceptance speech. What a happy morning. What a happy day.

I started my new job three days ago and already feel like I have been there a month or so. It is very busy this week, so I'm just swimming and will reflect and write once I have emerged and dried off.

But for now, I am going to go to work a newly proud American.