Let me introduce you to my little friend

Turns out that I have a little visitor in my brain. A very little 6mm mass that has been hanging out by my hypothalamus for a while, producing a hormone called prolactin. I got the news yesterday and will have an appointment with a neurologist when I get back from holiday in two weeks. My doctor, who I trust implicitly, actually said, "This doesn't cause you concern, does it?" when he told me because it looks benign and is not causing me any symptoms other than the ones contributing to my infertility.

Or maybe I am actually really good at Scrabble and the natural state of my stomach is flat, but the tumor is affecting these as well. Maybe once this is out I will be able to understand Dutch and remember Tom's mobile number. Maybe lot of things and maybe who knows.

In the meantime, I go on vacation with my mom in France and pontificate on beauty and good food and sunshine. More to come!

The photo above is by Joyce Tenneson. I am feeling the passion flower something huge of late...