Bizzare holiday greeting

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning than to cut out my own head and post it on the most random holiday video of all time?

All because I am a sucker for kittens in Santa hats...


Happy Holiday Season!

Sinter Klaas reading the poem from my secret Sint

Sinterklaas came and went and I celebrated my first real Dutch holiday in grand style. Our friend Kerrie had a party complete with a Swedish Klaas and Dutch Zwart Peet handing out presents. We each had a secret Sint that we wrote a poem about (which was read out loud in grand style) and brought a gift for. I was so lucky to be the Sint for my friend Pasquale and he was the Sint for me. He wrapped his gift in a lovely fashion and gave me beautiful red yarn and new size 7 knitting needles. I promptly started making a scarf in between pouring glasses of Prosecco. Kerrie has fab friends from all over and it was a most festive occasion.

Last Saturday Tom and I went to Dusseldorf for the day to visit the Christmas market there. Unlike last year's visit to Cologne where I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of British tourists thronging in the square, this market was exactly what I wanted -- crowded, but with actual real live Germans! We ate dumplings and waffles and potato pancakes and had more than a few glasses of mulled wine and saw so much STUFF. It was most decidedly fantastic and the train ride there and back was a great way to travel, as always.

Tom and mulled wine at one of the markets

Me showing off new Christmas decor bought in the Dusseldorf train station (and new sunglasses too)

We got our tree on Saturday -- a four foot tall live tree that Tom carried back from the stand on his bike. I wish I had my camera with me, but if you can imagine Tom peddling away with a tree balanced on his knee and one hand on the handlebars, you will get an idea of what I saw. We have been decorating the tree and the apartment with bits of holiday sparkle. I wish I was home more to enjoy it!