Full Circle

Today at work I had a conversation with a super great kid who is working on my big World Cup project. It came from nowhere, but when he asked, "I heard you said you were leaving advertising. Why?", some gems showed up.

Why? Because if you grow up a certain way, with college and fall back jobs and expectations of white collar, then the jobs you choose are means to an end. And the end is a house, kids, husband, car, shiny bbq, vacations that are nice but not too fancy, blah, blah, blah. These are the expectations of a child, but it is amazing how strong they are. Going to work in a vintage store post-graduation would not have been acceptable, at least in my mind. Not important or work attire needed enough!

But now I know better. After riding my bike everywhere, I don't want a car. After not buying clothes for six months, I don't need ennui-inspired trips to Target to scratch the novelty t-shirt itch. After post-house apartment living, I sort of like the shared walls with a landlord who takes care of business. After trying so hard to have kids (without REALLY committing to the idea), I wake up at 10am on a Saturday after working 14 hour days for a solid week, I clapped when saw the time and relished the late hour. And the travel...So why stay in a job, in an industry, that was great for a time but not my cup of tea any more.

After 20 years of advertising, it is time to do what I want to do. How rocking will it be to go to work in a vintage store now!!! I can not wait for the day when I finish this chapter and start the book of brand new start. It is going to be good...

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