There is a European thing that I do not enjoy and that is the unisex restroom. Sorry. Toilet.

Not a low lit, stylishly accessorized room with a toilet, sink and ubiquitous almond scented hand soap that either men or women use based on who gets there first, but a truly unisex toilet. A room you enter, minding your own business, and you see a closet for dames and a closet for heren (men) and a urinal hanging out on its own with a little half wall for privacy of sorts. The sink is out in the open and you can totally see the back of the man using the urinal when you exit your closet (and his surprised face when you walk in the room). This set up makes me uncomfortable.

And this is the toilet situation at the new building RIOT moved into on Monday. So the surprised face is a co-worker's face. And even more uncomfortable? When you exit your gender closet the same time as a man exits his gender closet because then you know he was sitting down. I don't need to jostle for position at the hand washing sink with a guy who will later be jostling for position at the coffee machine.

And that is the rant for the day. Peace out.

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